Guidelines for fun and safe flying.


10 Golden Rules for Safe Flying!

1)    Keep an active AMA Open or Park Pilot membership and obey the official AMA Safety Code and all Safety Rules contained in the AMA official Model Aircraft Regulations.


2)    Fly aircraft powered by fuel-burning engines ONLY on designated club fields, NEVER on public fields.


3)    Seek help from more experienced pilots if new to the hobby or planning to fly an aircraft that is above current experience level.


4)    Upon arrival at the field, check with all fellow pilots the in-use frequencies in order to avoid any dangerous frequency conflicts.


5)    Perform a ground equipment check, which includes, but is not limited to, the aircraft, radio, control surfaces, motor(s), connections, battery, landing gear, and wing attachment system. Do not fly aircraft unless all components pass this inspection.


6)    Perform a range check if the aircraft and/or radio gear is new or has been modified recently.


7)    Establish a flight line, or obey an existing flight line if one has already been established.


8)    Take off from and land on designated landing areas only, except in special circumstances such as hand-launch, emergency landing, aero tow, catapult-assisted take off etc.


9)    Call out take offs, landings, low passes, touch-and-go, emergencies, entering/crossing runway for everyone to hear and to confirm.


10)  Fly clear over people and crowded areas, and be courteous towards spectators and other people sharing the field.