My First Solo Flight 2011-04-09

My First Solo Flight 2011-04-09
This is the edited video of my first solo flight. It was a beautiful April day, very appropriate for a first solo. The plane was a PiperSport from Beverly Flight Center at the Beverly Municipal Airport. After I did a couple of touch-an-gos with my flight instructor Paul Beaulieu, he jumped out and let me loose. I did two touch-and-gos and one full-stop landing, all successful, while my supporters (my wife Ekin, my sons Bora and Kaya, my friend Derek and his daughter Jenna, and my colleague/friend Maureen) were watching from a nearby parking lot. The video contains three angles, one from the ground (thank you Derek). It is a bit long, so good luck making it all the way to the end. I hope you won't get bored. I should probably shorten it a little bit.


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