A-10 Thunderbolt EDF Jet - maiden flight

A-10 Thunderbolt EDF Jet - maiden flight
This video shows the maiden flight of my A-10 Thunderbolt EDF Jet  RTF that I purchased brand-new for $63 from Nitroplanes.com during the last year's (2008) Black Friday sale. It was severely underpowered with the stock 650mAh 9.6V NiMH battery and brushed motors, so I used a 1800mAh 11.1V LiPo for the maiden flight. Even with this higher-voltage battery it had barely enough power at full throttle to keep it afloat. The stock tansmitter seemed to have some range and interference problems, so I used my Futaba SkySport4 transmitter, but kept the stock receiver. The flight was fortunately uneventful, and I had a nice soft landing on the astroturf on Belmont Hill School field. The next upgrades will be brushless inrunner motors and ESCs and a new receiver. I may also upgrade the fan units. Stay tuned!


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